AVO-8 T-Shirts Available Now!

We now have a (limited) supply of lovely AVO-8 T-Shirts, L-XL-XXL. As displayed by the lovely Michael on his birthday. Very reasonable too 😉 Get in touch if you want one.


AVO-8 on Radio 6 Steve Lamacq Show

‘Gone Wrong’ AVO-8 was played on our hero Steve Lamacq’s Radio 6 show yesterday evening! Even Stroppo Records was mentioned.  See link below and skip to 2:45:25 …  🙂


Availble to listen for next 29 days … i.e. ’til 19th April.  Then a clip available on BBC here – http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/artists/ede3764d-ed63-482f-b248-d39b93b2da72 … he’s played it before.

And our page for the whole Gone Wrong single is here – https://avo8.co.uk/2015/12/27/gone-wrong/

RIP David Bowie

We are all very sad at the recent passing of the incredible David Bowie. He had a great influence on all in the band and on our music. We loved him and will miss him greatly.

In commemoration we are listening a lot to our version of ‘Hang On To Yorself’ that we loved to play, often in closing our show.

‘Love on ya’ David !



‘Electric Brew’ – New Musical Express – Thrills – July 1988


RADIO ONE’S Andy Kershaw turned record-plugger after being seduced by the current, infectious 45 by Edinburgh five-piece AV0-8. Falling for its resounding fusion of the Darling Buds and Girls At Our Best, Kershaw spun ‘IsThisThe End’ on his show and then offered to take copies round to Radio One’s daytime DJs.

Simon Mayo and Steve Wnght both played the single and John Peel has been on the case too. “We thought it might be more prestigious to be played by Peel,” says vocalist Jan Hastie.’ But then I thought of my poor old mum waiting to hear it and having to listen to Extreme Noise Terror! At least Kershaw plays some nice things.”

‘Is This The End’ on the band’s Avo label (through Fast Forward), is a bristling, bobbling pop song, laced with rich vocals and a sharp hookline. After three years with the present line-up (Jan, Steve Hastie-guitar, George Glen- bass, Claire Gourlay- vocals and Kenny Gourlay – drums), it’s a pointer to the band’s punchiness which has also earned them a Kershaw session.

But just what exactly is an Avo-8? “Well if anyone asks, we’re telling them it’s a cocktail,” replies Jan, a hint of skullduggery in the air. “We’re saying it’s a mixture of advocat, vodka and orange juice with eight pieces of Ice.

“But really it’s an electric meter that measures volts and ohms- only we don’t want people to know that because AVO is a trade name and we might get sued!”

Steve Lamacq

New Musical Express – Thrills – 2 July, 1988