TNT (London Gig Guide) – Nov 1988

AVO-8, Victims of the Pestilence – Fulham Greyhound

Yet another jingle jangle guitar-based girl-fronted pop band. Where are they all coming from? We seem to be saturated with this style of music. Not that it’s bad. It’s great – but it’s pretty easy to become cliched.

Fortunately AVO-8 manage to escape this categorisation. They had their work cut out for them though as support band Victims of the Pestilence almost stole the show!

Around 9.30pm the drabness of the Greyhound explosively transformed into a visual extravaganza – paisley, streamers, confetti whirling tambourines. An androgynous lead vocalist delivering adrenalin-charged glam/rock anthems accompanied by lurid pelvic gyrations. All very bizarre!

The mind was just beginning to meander back to reality when AVO-8 appeared. A very slick five piece pop outfit featuring two strong female vocalists.

They play spontaneously boppy pop songs without locking themselves into too much or a format. This is mainly due to innovative guitar work. They’re no lightweights in the thrash department either and are great lovers of raunchy bass lines. Wistful guitar licks accompanied some sweet ballads and a nostalgic delve into the punk archives wound up their encore.

Their first single ‘Is This The End’ unfortunately never took off, but there’s plenty more potential singles in the pipeline. They should do very well

By Vic Park

November 1998

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