Edinburgh Music Box Review – New Musical Express – May 1988

The uncrowned kings of cutie rock in one of their past lives, AVO-8 have reformulated their ’60s/punk mix and moved out of the playpen onto the Steve Wright show with their snappy ‘Is This The End’ 45.

The band’s name is old enough to have mastered long division, but the current line-up dates back around two years. The power chords have been turned up a notch, but are sweetened by the twin girly vocals and feisty dancing of Jan and Claire.

As time-served rockers, the guys are now unfashionably capable musicians, though to their credit this is evident more in the absence of breakdowns than outbursts of exhibitionism. It’s slick, good-humoured stuff, though there are the usual nagging doubts about originality. Still, if the Primitives are Blondie, by the same quantum leap of imagination are the new Rezillos.

Alastair McKay

New Musical Express 28 May 1988

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